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Elaine’s Party

We had a fun dinner for Elaine’s birthday. The plates served were good to great. Fish, Lobster, Shrimp, and Filet Mignon were some of what was ordered.
There were over 30 people at the restaurant and they all sang Happy Birthday to Elaine. The band started soft and slow during dinner and kicked it up as the evening progressed. It got pretty wild as people finished dinner and the action moved to the bar. A little pool was played, and even some bike riding was done. Elaine had a grand time.
We spent today wondering through town. We started out on a walk, with me on a bike. It was hot. So I rode back and got the truck which we combined with walking and riding. Gary and Crickett both went to the bank and pick up colones. 1 Costa Rican colon = 0.001792 U.S. dollars or you should get 558 colones for a dollar. After the bank, a little shopping was done.
On the walk/drive back we stopped for lunch at a little place on the beach. We had homemade ravioli’s, pizza, fish tacos, and of course Sangria. After that, some of us had naps and all of us did some exploring to the South of town. We are off soon to try a different place for dinner, and some reconnoitering.

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