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A day at the beach, & Pizza!

Alright, I know I haven’t kept this up to date, but I lost internet access at the house, we were piggy backing on someone else’s wifi which we lost the signal.
We ended up exploring a few beaches around Dominical, and ended up spending time at Playa Dominicalito. A very large beach, with very few people, mostly surfers and some local families. Trees lined the beach, providing shade from the tropical sun. The surf was good and we all spent alot of time in the water because it was hot.
Matt and Scot rented Boogie Boards in town. 3 for about $17 for the day. I had already fried my forehead in Puerto Viejo, but could not pass up the waves. I went out with a bandana on my head which I promptly lost in diving under the white water break.
Everyone, but Scot and I, went to lunch around 1 pm. We stayed to get more water time. The waves kept getting bigger, so we had a blast surfing them. It was pretty hard fun, when you caught a wave in, you had to battle to get back out, diving under the rollers at least 6 to 8 times before you were back in the action.
When we drove back into the town of Dominical to return the boards, all our fellow travelers were walking on the dirt roads throughout town. They had eaten and had been shopping. D’ava and Elaine were ambling along talking, Matt was striding purposefully a hundred feet behind, and Cricket and Jenny were bringing up the rear. They were looking for Gary in the crimson Bego. Of course, he was found at a bar.
We picked up our girls, who had visions of walking back to the house, and drove back. Pizza was on for the nights festivities. Gary had gone the day before and gotten all his ingredients. Everything was home made. Great Job Gary! Everybody needs to take a Great Chef on your trips.
If you want to make great pizza, check out American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza by Peter Reinhart. The first half is his search, and the second are great dough and topping recipes.

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