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OctopusI have not had time to add pages telling about and showing photos of the trips I have done. So, here is a sample. I photographed this octopus at the Indians in the British Virgin Islands a few years ago. It was our fifth sailing trip, our fourth to the BVI’s. The BVI’s are simple place to bareboat. It is like KOA camping on some islands, and the other islands are like dry camping with no facilities, except the boat. The navigation is line of sight. Most islands are in sight of each other, except for Anegada, which is barely above sea level. We had spent the night at the Bight in Norman Island, a very cool place to stay. The first time we ever anchored in the Bight, there was nothing on the island but goats, though there was a boat bar, the Willie T. Now there is a restaurant bar, Pirates Bight, on the beach. We have bareboated several times, about ten, in different spots around the Caribbean.


I was snorkeling around the submerged reefs when I came up on him (actually I don’t know the sex). The fish life was great that day. I also saw an Eagle Ray, in about 30 feet of water. It took off immediately to deeper water.

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