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Finally, 50 hours later and a day late

The view from Aberge de la Petit Anse

The view from Aberge de la Petit Anse


Finally, after 50 hours, we are in St. Bartholemy at Aberge De La Petiti Anse. So what happened? We left Santa Cruz about 2:12 pm on Friday. We flew to L.A. to catch the red-eye to JFK. When we got there the fog was so thick, Chowchilla thick, the plane was diverted to Newark to refuel and sat for 3 hours. We then got back in the air, to circle around New York for awhile until they let us land. So we missed our connector flight to St. Martin. American Airlines tried to get us the next flight out on Jet Blue, but when we got there, after lugging our luggage across the airport to another terminal, we were 20 minutes too late. AA only had 1 person to handle about 30 people that missed their flights. So we ended up spending the night next to the Airport.

We then could not get a room at any nice Hotel, because they were all booked for St. Patrick’s Day. We ended up at the JFK motel, it looked like it had been remodeled in the late 1970s. Do not stay there with your wife, what a trouper, even though the proprietors were very nice. We both crashed after ordering Pizza. OK, but not as good as Elaine makes with the homemade dough and sauce I concoct.

We got up at 4:30 am, East coast time, to be at the airport ahead of time. Everything went pretty smooth. Let me tell you, use curb side check in, it is so much faster. The flight went well to St. Martin. It took another hour and a half to get on 15 seat plane to St. Barths. After a wild landing, that’s a great video of a landing on YouTube,  we waited for our luggage, that arrived another 45 minutes later on the next flight and drove the rent a car to our destination. As you can see above, we have a great view from our balcony right on the water at the end of the road. The waves are lapping in on the rocks down below as we drink wine a glass of wine. More tomorrow, after snorkeling at the cove above, and another about a 40 minute hike away. Tuesday we get on a sail boat to watch the Bucket races around the island for a week.


Oh yeah, we do have a House Sitter Dave.

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