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This site was inspired by fun trips and adventures that I have had with family and friends. I have been traveling since I have been out of high school. One of my first trips was driving my pick up truck to the tip of Baja to Cabo San Lucas. The weather was hot and I had no air conditioning, I was flying down the highway, until it was washed out by the flash floods when I would slam on the brakes (I almost tore apart my camper shell). Then I had to drive onto the desert, and then back onto the road.  I would also come to Red Cross pay tolls. The local federalies would have kids standing outside asking for donations while they scrowled at you holding their machine guns. I loaded the truck and took the ferry across to  Puerto Vallarta from Cabo San Lucas. Where I parked the truck at a protected camp ground. Then I  took a small ferry to Yelapa and hung out on the beautiful crescent shaped beach. After spending almost all my money, I drove back up through Mexico and into Arizona. I came back across the border with less than $100. This was in the mid 1970’s.


I have had numerous dive trips to: Mexico (Cabo San Lucas, Akumal, Cancun, and Cozemel), Honduras, Belize, the Virgin Islands, and Hawaii. I have taken friends on many sailing trips to: The British Virgin Islands, The American Virgin Islands, Belize, The Grenadines, and in Panama I helped a friend move his sailboat to San Andres Island off the coast of Nicaragua, though it belongs to Columbia. We recently had a great driving trip around Costa Rica for my wife’s birthday.



Captain Kana