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Day 5 Costa Rica

Today started with our included breakfast. Most places include it in your rate.
Elaine couldn’t wait to meet up with Scot, D’ava, Amanda, and Dmitri. Scot had booked us on a Skytrek tour on their tram and zip lines for all of us. He had also set up the rappelling with Dasafio.
The tram ride was over 4100 feet. The zip line was 1.7 miles, at a much faster rate. The tram ride had great views of the forest, volcano, and lake at Arenal. Everyone was a little anxious on the zip line, one person, not in our group did their first cable hooked to a guide, but she got braver after that and went out on her own. I will try it again, and spend more time looking around.
Elaine and D’ava had no interest in rappelling after the zip lines, so Scot, Dmitri, Amanda, and I were picked up in a 4 wheel drive. It was a rough ride up to the Lost Canyon, where Dasafio has their canyon house.
We were given a quick lesson, driven further up the canyon, and did a practice rappel of 16 feet. Dasafio’s motto is Safety, Have Fun, and get Wet. They accomplished all three. You cannot help but getting wet rappelling down waterfalls and hiking down the river. We all had a great time.
Afterwards, a soak in the hot springs was great. Later, we had an good Italian meal at Que Rico.
Tomorrow we had back toward San Jose and a visit to the rescue zoo at Zoo Ave.

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