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Feliz Cumpleanos Elaine

Our drive out of San Jose was fairly uneventful. Hal, the gps, was cooperating. Hal took us through the side streets of Northern San Jose at a good clip. Alot of the downtown streets in Costa Rica are one way, Hal doesn’t seem to know this, and has to be helped to get around.
We go on to 32 and drove for hours. When we got to Limon, Matt took the point and took us to visit the cruise ships, and back and forth on a few streets. His navigator was busy working on mechanical problems, and was not too helpful.
The bungalows are funky and fun. The bedrooms are huge, ours has 3 beds, the bathrooms are great, and the front decks are big enough for all 6 of us to hang out on one.
Today is Elaine’s birthday, and we are staying here at Papito’s for dinner. There is a band playing tonight, and the action will probably get hot.

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