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Costa Rica dia Ocho y Nueve.

We had a great day on the beach Thursday. We had a sunny spot with palms around to shade us. We had a picnic and everyone spent time in the ocean.
De Papito had a special dinner that night with Calypso music. Matt and Jenny stayed up the latest after we had a heated political conversation. Whew, we made it through that one.
We are now in Jaco on the Pacific side. We left Friday at 8am, and it took all day to get here. Hal, the gps, tried to take us on a short cut straight over the mountains out of San Jose. When we finally turned around, it was at a strange looking barn with guys standing around with machetes. After 2 hours of very rough roads, and 3 rickety bridges we stopped in a little town and asked for directions. It seems we were paralleling the highway.
We were able to make it to Canciones del Mar on the beach 15 minutes before sunset. Therefore, Cricket could take pictures. We found a great Argentinian Steak House for dinner. Back at the hotel, we went for the live music on the 4th floor open deck. Since the band was set up right above our room on the 3rd floor, we hung out until they quit.
Right now everyone else is walking down the beach, and then they are going to walk through town for a little shopping. Today we arrive at the house in Dominical.

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