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Flight of the Toucan

Monday was a busy day with another zip line appointment. Hanging out at the house is great, but activities keep most of this group in top form. Dominical is a dusty little town with a couple of streets. At this time of year the non paved roads kick up a mess. Every place in town has a dust layer on everything. Some proprietors keep it down by spraying the dirt road, others keep the doors closed if they have AC, and still others let the dust in.
Down at the beach in Dominical, it is like going back to the 60’s. There is a line of trees providing shade. It is full of vendor’s hawking their goods and trying to get you to buy something.
I highly recommend the area. It has mountains that come right down to the edge of the beach. The house we rented overlooks the coast on the side of a hill full of monkeys, birds, and other wildlife. The view of the ocean is accentuated with the crashing waves on the beach with the occasional surfer getting a ride. Every afternoon people go by, and over the house hang gliding on the up drafts used by the pelicans cruising down the shore.
Not to be outdone by zip lining, we have booked a horse back riding trip to Naucaya Waterfalls with Don Lulo.

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